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Daihei ink has more than 40 years in offset inks sales and production area.We can supply sheetfed offset ink,web ink,pantone standard spot color ink and UV inks.
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New Products
We have Own R&D Team.So we can accoridng to our customer necessary to conduct private customization.Meanwhile,Our R&D team will develop 1-2 new products every 3 months to face the changing needs of the market.
Non Voc Environment Friendly Offset Ink
Daiichi Af Non Voc Environment Friendly Offset Ink

We are according to our customer necessary to research Daiichi-af and Sontra Non Voc environment Friendly Offset Ink.They has very good potency and fast drying in high speed printing.

Non Voc Environment Friendly Offset Ink
Sonatra Non Voc Environment Friendly Offset Ink

We are accordig to our customer necessary to research Daiichi-af and Sonatra Non Voc environment Friendly Offset Ink.They has very good potency and fast drying in high speed printing.

Non Voc waterless Offset Ink
Dry-Rich Non Voc Waterless Offset Ink

Dry Rich Waterless Non Voc Offset Ink they are according to Japan customer special request to make it

UV333 Offset ink use for PVC,PE,PET,PP
Factory Price UV333 UV Curing Offset Printing Ink

UV333 series of UV curing offset printing ink is elaborately manufactured with modernized craft and with newly developed special kind of raw material.

Fluorescent offset ink
Hot Sales Fluorescent Offset Ink

We are manufacture of fluorescent Ink supplier,we can help you make OEM.

latest news

The secret of our success is very simple: we will not only professional knowledge on safety, technology, efficiency and sustainable development

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    Drupa 2024

      Drupa printing exhibition will be held grandly at the Dusseldorf Exhibition Center in Germany on 28th,May to 6th,June in 2024. Drupa printing exhibition, is one of the famous international printing exhibitions. The Drupa International Printing Exhibition can be called the Olympic event of the printing and paper making industry. Also be called "The Ceremony of Printers" by industry insiders. No others industry event has the broad and necessary economic and technological impact of Drupa.   As a benchmark for global printing technology, this exhibition will bring together printing elites from all over the world to discuss industry trends and showcase the latest technological achievements. At this exciting moment, Daihei Ink will with many partners to demonstrate our unique charm in the printing field with the theme of "Green Innovation".   Printing Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany.As the largest printing exhibition in the world, it has long transcended national borders and  become a platform for exchanges & cooperation in the global printing industry. This exhibition will showcase the entire industry chain solutions from pre-press to post-press from traditional printing to digital printing.Presenting a feast of printing technology to the audience.   Daihei Ink, as a well-known domestic ink manufacturer has been committed to the pursuit of green and environmental protection concepts. As we know the sustainable development of the printing industry is inseparable from respect and protection of the environment. Therefore, we always adhere to the principles of green, environmental protection, and low carbon in product r&d,production processes, Waste disposal, etc.And strive to provide customers with high-quality, low-pollution ink products.   At this Dusseldorf Printing Exhibition, Daihei Ink will exhibit a variety of new green and environmentally friendly ink products.Including mineral oil-free inks, UV inks, etc. These products not only have excellent printing performance but also perform well in terms of environmental protection. In addition, our technical team will also answer the audience’s questions on the use of ink and share the best practices of green printing.   As this global printing industry event is about to open, we sincerely invite you to visit Dusseldorf and witness Daihei Ink’s firm steps on the road to green innovation. Please let us work together to contribute to the green and sustainable development of the printing industry and create a better future together!   See you in Dusseldorf, Germany!   Our booth No.:3G60

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    Good-luck of beginning 2024

    Notice: Good-luck of beginning Dear Customers,   We are pleased to announce that we have return our office  on February 19, 2024. We are excited to begin the new year and extend a warm welcome to all our esteemed clients.   We invite you to visit our premises and take advantage of the opportunity to consult with our knowledgeable staff regarding any product inquiries and pricing discussions. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent service and assisting you in finding the best solutions to satisfy your necessary.   As we embark on this new year, we are filled with optimism, ambition, and hope for the future. We are committed to delivering high-quality products, exceeding your expectations, and strengthening our partnership.   We are concern your satisfaction as our top priority. Our sales representatives will be readily available to assist you with your requirements, discuss customized solutions, and provide competitive pricing options.   We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support and trust in our products and services. It is through your collaboration that we have been able to grow and succeed. As we reopen our doors, we are committed to building even stronger relationships and exceeding your expectations.   Please feel free to visit us starting February 19, 2024, to explore our latest offerings. Our entire team is excited to work with you and contribute to your success.   Wishing you a prosperous and fulfilling year ahead.   Best regards,   Daihei ink sales team

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    Happy Chinese New Year

    Dear Customers:   To celebrate Chinese New Year, our holiday will be 7~18th,Feb,2024.We will be back to office on 19th,Feb, 2024. For any new order inquiry, please feel free to contact us during our holiday! We will be always online serving our cooperation!   Best wishes to you and your family!   Daihei ink team 31th,Jan,2024          

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      We will be participating the No.1 for Print and Crossmedia Solutions ( Drupa 2024) from May  28- June 7, 2024. Booth number: 3G60. Address: Dusseldorf/Germany The exhibition is the largest ceremony in the global printing industry. Daihei ink sincerely invite friends and customers from all over the world to visit our booth and discuss cooperation.      

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    Daihei Ink Holiday Notice-HAPPY 2024

    Holiday Notice Dear Friends, We would like to inform you that our company will be on vacation starting from December 30th, 2023, and will resume operations on January 2nd, 2024. The holiday period will last for three days. During this time, our factory will be temporarily closed, but we encourage you to continue contacting our sales team for any new inquiries. If you have any new orders, we kindly request you to arrange them prior to the holiday season. We will be very appreciate to your understanding regarding the temporary closure. We wish you and your family will have a delightful holiday season and look forward to serving you with renewed energy and commitment in the coming year. Thank you for your continued support.   Best regards, Daiheiink Team

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    The 9th Shanghai All In Print Exhibition in 2023 has been successfully concluded!

    After four days of exhibition, the 9th Shanghai All In Print Exhibition in 2023 has been successfully concluded! The exhibition attracted 108,136 professional visitors and 148,165 visitors from 126 countries around the world, of which international visitors accounted for nearly 10%. The number of visitors set a new record for an all print exhibition. International buyers have shown a strong intention to purchase, the procurement demand of domestic enterprises has also picked up significantly, and the exhibition site is active, becoming one of the exchanges and trade docking exhibitions with the largest impact and the most fruitful results in the global printing and packaging industry in 2023. The 9th All In Print Exhibition was held in a total of 9 pavilions at N1-N5 and W2-W5 of the New International Expo Center, covering seven areas such as digital printing, pre-press and digitalization, integrated printing, intelligent post-press, integrated packaging, innovative materials, labels and flexible packaging industry. In addition, there are two special exhibition areas for printing digital factory and printing Dream factory, as well as an exhibition area to display the digitalization of the printing industry in the Yangtze River Delta. The exhibition focuses on the digital and intelligent transformation of the printing industry, is committed to connecting the whole ecological industry chain, and has become an important platform for scientific and technological exchange and achievement display in the industry. International and domestic exhibitors gathered at the exhibition. During the exhibition, hundreds of companies released new products at the same time, and the first launch ceremony and signing ceremony complemented each other, injecting innovative vitality into the development of the industry. There are also many offset ink suppliers join the exhibition.  This year's All-In Print exhibition has achieved fruitful technical results, highlighting five trends.  First of all, the digital construction of printing is accelerating. Digital transformation solutions have become one of the focuses of this exhibition, and the audience can see a book on-demand printing production line jointly launched by Sunde and Pinghu Yinghou in the printing digital Factory area, as well as the packaging digital production line displayed in the Evergreen exhibition area. In addition, a number of intelligent software solutions, robots, AGVs, intelligent warehousing and other key technologies and solutions for digital factory construction were also displayed. In the Yangtze River Delta printing industry digital breakthrough exhibition area, the audience also had the opportunity to learn about the achievements of 10 intelligent bench marking enterprises in the construction of digital factories.  Secondly, domestic inkjet printing technology has been upgraded and the application field has expanded. Founder, Shengde, Yingke Jie, Tiankewei, Spande, Tongyin and other domestic digital printing leading brands launched 1200dpi level of high-speed high-definition inkjet equipment, various fields such as books, labels, corrugated, packaging and other applications have also been expanded to varying degrees.  Third, the degree of intelligence of post-press equipment is improved, and the trend of customization is obvious. Evergreen, Zhengbo, Zhongde, Guangming, Onuo, Fang Bang and other packaging equipment suppliers show multi-station intelligent connection to meet the needs of different packaging enterprises, and the customization trend of post-press equipment is becoming increasingly obvious.  Fourth, the innovation of post-press efficiency enhancement process is accelerated. In the printing Dream Factory special area of the brand booths such as Kema and Demanshi, as well as the brand exhibition areas such as Evergreen, Tiancen and Jinbao, the advanced post-press efficiency enhancement process amazed the audience.  Finally, green, low-carbon and sustainable development continues to advance. The environmentally friendly inks, green raw and auxiliary materials, green printing solutions and environmental protection technologies displayed in the Innovative Materials Hall are eye-catching, providing support for the green upgrading of the industry. It is worth mentioning that the "Full Print Exhibition Newsletter" issued every day of this exhibition uses high-speed high-definition inkjet equipment to print on coated paper, and adopts advanced dispensing process binding, fully demonstrating the latest digital printing technology and post-press process. The willingness of domestic enterprises to buy has rebounded, and the purchasing power of overseas buyers is also strong. During the four-day exhibition period, the exhibition hall was constantly crowded, and the number of pre-registered visitors and the proportion of visitors reached a new high. More than 110 domestic association buyers' groups covered the printing, packaging and terminal associations of various provinces and regions, and nearly 40 overseas buyers' groups visited. The overall number of visitors hit a new high for the ninth exhibition.

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    Daihei Group exhibition show in 2023 Print China

    In 2023, our company participated in the PRINT CHINA Dongguan Exhibition. We exhibited a variety of products, including some new products. Our staff worked hard to promote our products and services. The atmosphere of the exhibition was very warm and friendly. During the exhibition, many customers visited our booth and showed great interest in our products. We had a lot of conversations with them and answered their questions patiently. At the same time, we also made good use of this opportunity to collect feedback from customers on our products and services. As a result, this exhibition was very successful for us. In addition, we also got a lot of orders from customers during the exhibition, which made us very happy. All in all, this exhibition was a great success for us and we are looking forward to more exhibitions like this in the future.  

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    Labelexpo Asia 2023-The intersection of innovation and development

      With the development of science and technology. Label printing industry is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Against this background, Labelexpo Asia 2023 are holding grandly at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from 5-8th,December. As an important event in the label printing industry, this exhibition brings global industry elites to discuss and look forward to the future development of the industry. The theme of this exhibition is "Smart Labels", focusing on cutting-edge areas such as smart packaging, RFID technology, and digital printing, and demonstrating new technologies and trends in the label printing industry. During the four-days, exhibitors from around the world showcased their latest products and technological innovations, attracting professional visitors and customers from Asia and even the world. Our Daihei Ink's UV333 and LED UV833 series ink are widely used in label production. Our inks have good adhesion and coloring bright, bringing customers a rich visual experience. At the same time, we are constantly improving and improving our own technology to satisfy with different customers necessary. Overall, Label Asia 2023 is a meeting point of innovation and development, providing a platform for display, exchange and learning for the global label printing industry. Through this exhibition, we saw the future development trends and possibilities of the label printing industry, and also saw the efforts and results of outstanding companies such as Taituo Digital in terms of technological innovation and professional services. We look forward to the label printing industry continuing to maintain the momentum of innovation and development in the future, bringing more intelligent, efficient and environmentally friendly products and services to consumers around the world.

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    IPD23 International Printing Day

    International Printing Day, observed on October 25th, celebrates the significance of the printing industry and its continuous growth. On this day, daihei ink convey our heartfelt wishes and renewed aspirations for the entire printing community. As we celebrate on International Printing Day, let us acknowledge the dedication and hard work of every printing professional. Their unwavering commitment to their craft enables us to enjoy the touch, feel, and beauty of printed materials. We salute their creativity, precision, and meticulousness, which breathe life into every page and design. Looking ahead, we envisage a future where the printing industry continues to evolve and flourish, driven by groundbreaking technologies and eco-friendly practices. Let us embrace this evolution and work collectively towards a more sustainable and vibrant printing ecosystem. On this joyous occasion, daihei ink wish everyone in the printing industry a happy International Printing Day. May your passion for print continue to inspire and may your efforts lead to even greater achievements in the years to come.

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    The 9th All in Print China exhibition will be held at 1st to 4th,Nov in 2023 in Shanghai. This highly anticipated event will gather industry professionals, innovators, and enthusiasts from around the world. Although our daihei ink not arrange booth this time, but our sales person will be present at that time. All in Print China show cases the latest advancements in the ink industry, serving as a platform for technological exchange and business collaboration. It offers a comprehensive exhibition of printing equipment, materials, software, and services, providing visitors with a holistic view of the industry's latest developments. This event is not only an opportunity to explore cutting-edge technologies but also a chance to gain insights into China's dynamic printing market. With its vast economic growth and technological advancements, China has become a major player in the global printing industry. So, mark your calendars for November 1st to 4th, 2023, and join us at the 9th All in Print China exhibition. Our sales personnel will be delighted to connect, discuss business opportunities, and provide any necessary information about our company and products. Come and experience the vibrant printing industry in China while building meaningful relationships with industry professionals from around the world. 

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