Fuzhou Daihei Ink collaborates with Fujian Normal University for Studying on environmental friendly ink materials

Fuzhou Daihei Ink collaborates with Fujian Normal University for Studying on environmental friendly ink materials

Jul 06, 2023

Fujian Normal University's Polymer Chemistry Research Group, led by Professor Baoquan Huang, recently embarked on a fruitful collaboration with Daihei Ink, a prominent industry leader in offset ink manufacturing. The purpose of this collaboration was to explore and research innovative solutions for the development and widespread application of environmentally friendly materials. The visit included a detailed examination of the ink production process, a discussion on the role of various materials, and the proposition of suggestions for improving material performance.


Throughout the visit, the esteemed researchers from Fujian Normal University gained invaluable insights into Daihei Ink's ink production processes. Offering their expertise in the field of polymer chemistry, the research team actively engaged with our company's technical engineers and management personnel, engaging in a comprehensive discussion that explored the potential of enhancing material properties in the offset ink production process.


During the course of the discussion, the researchers and our technical engineers delved into the multifaceted functions and characteristics of the various materials employed. A thorough examination of pigments, solvents, diluents, thickeners, and curing agents shed light on their respective roles in the ink composition and their impact on the final product's performance.


Furthermore, based on their extensive knowledge and research experience in polymer chemistry, the Fujian Normal University team provided recommendations aimed at improving offset ink performance. These suggestions encompassed the incorporation of novel functional materials to enhance ink durability, transparency, and scratch resistance, ultimately driving advancements in the offset ink manufacturing industry.


Demonstrating their commitment to environment preservation and sustainability, Daihei Ink eagerly welcomed the researchers' proposals. Our technical team and the Fujian Normal University team advocated for the reduction or substitution of harmful substances and proposed refinements in the production process to decrease energy consumption, thereby promoting sustainability and ecological consciousness in offset ink production.

The collaboration between Fujian Normal University and Daihei Ink exemplifies a shared pursuit of scientific innovation and environmental protection. Both entities recognize the urgent need for sustainable solutions and expressed enthusiasm for collaborative research projects aimed at exploring and implementing new, environmentally friendly ink formulations. Knowledge sharing, technological exchange, and joint publication of research papers are among the potential modes of collaboration that shall be pursued.


This significant milestone highlights the pivotal role played by Fuzhou Daihei Ink as an important research base in the academic field of Fuzhou. Daihei ink group are willing to take due responsibility for social progress, especially in the field of environmental protection materials development, to contribute our own strength.


Daihei Ink looks forward to a fruitful collaboration with Fujian Normal University, jointly propelling sustainable research initiatives and actively contributing towards a greener and more prosperous future.



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